Tips To Keep Different Pests Out Of Your Waste Bins

Keeping pests out of waste bins can be a difficult task, especially because every pest is different. Some are smarter than others. They are different sizes. That means you have to use many tricks to keep each type of pest out of the trash. Here are a few tips on keeping raccoons, rats, maggots, and your dog from your waste bins.


Raccoons are smart creatures. It takes a bit of ingenuity to keep them out of outdoor trash bins. Choose a trash bin with a tight-fitting lid. Make sure it is either metal or a thick plastic that is difficult for them to chew through. Raccoons can open these trash bins, even those with latches. Keep the lids closed by using a bungee cord. Attach one end to the top of the lid and the other end to the handle on the side. Prevent the raccoon from knocking over the waste bin by staking it to the ground.


Rats might not be as smart as raccoons, but they are smaller and sneaky. They can chew through plastic waste bins easily and slip into the smallest holes. If the head fits then the rest of the body will fit. Never leave your garbage out in plastic bags. The rats will chew through it easy. Even a container with a lid built to house your garbage bags won't stop rats that fit into those small areas easy. Your best bet is to keep your garbage in metal trash cans with latched tops. Rats aren't smart enough to open latches.


It's gross to pull garbage out of the waste bin and see a pile of wiggling maggots at the bottom. You need to do two things to prevent maggots in your garbage: remove what attracts flies and remove the opportunity for flies to lay eggs. To remove the scent that attracts flies, you should wash out the waste bin once a week. Use vinegar and water to scrub the bin. Make sure it is completely dry before using it because moisture creates a perfect breeding spot. To remove a place for flies to lay eggs you should line the bottom of the bin with newspaper. It will absorb liquids from the garbage. Change it frequently.


Does your dog love to get into the garbage in the house? There are a few tricks you can do to stop this bad behavior. You can hide the garbage inside cabinets, behind doors, or in an area of the house that you can block off with a baby gate. If you dog is still determined to get to the garbage, you can scare him by setting booby-traps. Place bells, empty soda cans, or some other noisy object near the garbage. When you dog disturbs it, the sound will send him running.

These tips will keep pest away from your garbage. Utilize them all so you don't have to worry about each individual type of pest. Talk to a professional like BIZ Mechanical Complete Waste Services for assistance.