Refuting Myths About Hydroponic Growing

Growing your own plants can be an excellent way of ensuring that you have access to fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers. Unfortunately, many people lack the yard space required to grow plants. Luckily, these individuals can opt to use a hydroponic growing system to allow them to enjoy the benefits of growing plants in the space afforded by the inside of a small house or apartment. Unfortunately, hydroponics is poorly understood by many people, which may cause them to overlook this growing option. After these two misconceptions about hydroponics are refuted, you should be better able to decide whether to pursue this option.

Myth: Hydroponic Systems Are Always Water Based

When many people hear about hydroponics, they assume that the plants are entirely grown in just water. However, this is not accurate because the roots need to hold onto something to both anchor the plant and to grow correctly. Additionally, roots require oxygen to survive, and if they are completely submerged underwater, they will slowly wither and die. As a result, it is common for hydroponic growers to use substances such as rockwool to help the plant's root system. The rockwool is able to retain enough moisture to help the roots have constant access to this critical resource, but there is enough space to allow oxygen to reach the root system.

Myth: Hydroponically Grown Plants Have An Odd Taste

When growing plants that you plan on eating, it is common for people to attempt to grow the plant to provide the best flavor possible. Sadly, there are many people that assume the taste of hydroponically grown plants will be inferior to those grown in soil. This assumption may cause them to overlook this option.

However, it should be noted that the taste of hydroponically grown plants is often richer than those grown in soil. This stems from the fact that the plant has direct access to the nutrients that it requires whenever it needs them. As opposed to soil, where nutrients can only be accessed when the soil is wet. By ensuring the plants always have the nutrients required, it is possible to ensure that the flavors of your vegetables and herbs are as rich as possible.

Hydroponic growing can be a great solution for those that want to grow plants but may lack the space for a traditional garden. Making sure to understand that hydroponics involves more than just growing plants in water as well as the fact that plants grown with this technique can have a full rich flavor will help you to decide whether this is a viable option for your needs. Contact a business, such as Second Nature Hydroponics, for more information.