Green Home: Fun Guide To Encourage Recycling At Home

You want your family to care about the earth, and one way to do this is by recycling. This is especially important knowing that Canadians produce more trash per person than many other industrialized countries. Getting your children to understand the importance of recycling can be challenging, but this guide should help.

Tips To Make Your Home Earth-Friendly

Consider the following to make your home as green as you can:

  • Try to get everyone used to using rags instead of paper towels. You can assign personal rags for each family member with a special logo.
  • Think about using personal or family cloths that your kids can use instead of paper toilet paper.
  • You should also use female cloths if you have a teenager that is menstruating or for yourself.
  • Purchase kid-friendly plates, cups, and eating utensils at a thrift store to avoid having to use paper products.
  • Make sure that you have clearly marked trash cans to help everyone distinguish where recyclables go. Your garbage specialist should be able to provide you with these types of receptacles.

Don't be afraid to ask your garbage specialist for additional advice that might be helpful.

Encourage Fun Recycling

The following may make recycling a little more fun. Do not forget that children may respond to leadership, so make sure you and your partner lead by example:

  • Assign a green-cop to catch a child who failed to recycle. The green-cop can be reassigned weekly so that everyone gets an opportunity. You can punish the person who failed even if it is you or your partner.
  • You can also make the green-cop do something positive by having him or her reward the greenest child in your home. You could give him or her a big gift at the end of the week.
  • You can make recycling cans into targets for all the kids. They could all have an opportunity to make a basket, or hit the target with the appropriate recyclable. It might get a little messy, but they can try again, and this should ensure that everyone recycles. The winner can get a prize.
  • You can also have your kids look for items that have not been recycled in a scavenger hunt game. The individual or the team with the most items could win a prize.

You can talk to your recycling or rubbish removal specialist like one from Half Price Rubbish Inc about other ways you can ensure that your home is green-friendly and dedicated to recycling.