What Can You Do If An Excavation Contractor Hits Rock While Digging For Your In-Ground Swimming Pool?

If you are planning on installing an in-ground swimming pool on your property, you are probably planning on hiring an excavation contractor to dig a hole for you. This should go successfully, but there is always a chance that your excavation crew will hit rock once they start digging into the ground. The rock cannot be easily dug through, but you do still have options. These are the three main options for continuing with your swimming pool project once your excavation contractor hits rock.

1. Elevate the Pool

If you are dedicated to keeping the pool in the same place, you can consider elevating the pool. Basically, this means that the pool will be built on top of the rock. For this to happen, your crew may need to build "walls" for your pool and will probably need to bring in more dirt to help with the elevation changes. Basically, instead of the pool being built fully in the ground, the ground will be built up around the pool. This will cause the land in your backyard to not be completely flat anymore, but when done properly, it can look very nice.

2. Move to Another Location

If you have a bigger property and have a few options for the placement of your pool, moving your pool to another location in your yard can be a smart option. Then, you don't have to worry about doing costly work to the ground. This will really only be an option if there is another area of your lawn that does not have rock close to the surface of the ground, but it is an option for many homeowners. To do this, your excavation crew will basically begin to dig test holes around the various areas of your property where you wouldn't mind having your pool. Once the right area is found, excavation for your in-ground pool project can begin.

3. Get Rid of the Rock

If you are dead-set on installing a pool and don't want to -- or can't -- change locations, your only option is to get rid of the rock. This is not a cheap or easy project, but your excavation crew can use a jackhammer to get rid of all of the rock that is getting in the way of your pool excavation and installation.

If you hit rock while digging for your in-ground swimming pool, you shouldn't panic. Instead, talk to your contractor about these three options and any other options that might be available for you.

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