First Time Renting a Dumpster? 3 Tips For Success

Renting a huge roll-off dumpster for the very first time can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating. You may be renting it for a business renovation, home remodel, construction site clean-up, or something else entirely. Regardless of why you're renting it, though, here are three tips that will help any newbie dumpster renter get through the process stress-free:

1. What Size Dumpster Is Needed?

This is probably the most commonly asked question -- and not only by first-time renters. Roll-off dumpsters come in a variety of sizes. As a general rule, the smallest dumpster that you can get is either 10- or 15-yards long. These are perfect for small projects, such as cleaning out garages or sheds, yard work, etc. The 20-yard dumpster works well for carpet and flooring removal of a home, roof shingle removal, or a kitchen remodel. A 30- or 40-yard dumpster is best used at construction sites, large events, festivals and for your large residential projects, such as new home construction and major home additions. 

2. What's Allowed in the Dumpster?

As with most things that you rent, there are certain restrictions when it comes to what you can place inside the dumpster. There is a reason for this. When the dumpster is picked up from the rental site, it is taken to the landfill, which is federally regulated to protect the landfill's employees as well as the environment. For that reason, anything and everything cannot be thrown into the dumpster and thrown into the landfill. Therefore, some of the items that cannot be placed in your dumpster include engine oil, tires, paint, batteries, chemicals, pesticides, computer parts, and hazardous waste. However, these items can be disposed of in other ways. For example, a local auto repair shop will likely take used oil, tires, and batteries off your hands, while a paint store may take your old paint.

3. Where Should the Dumpster Be Placed?

As far as where your dumpster rental should be placed, this all depends on the site. However, you should select a location where you have plenty of space on all four sides of the dumpster to access it. In addition, the dumpster should be away from power lines and any low-hanging tree limbs. 

For any questions or concerns regarding renting a roll-off dumpster, you can give your local dumpster service company a call. They will be able to answer any questions that you have regarding dumpster size, dumpster dumping restrictions, and dumpster site placement.